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Great PR Gives You Traction!

It’s not just about seeing your company’s/association’s/event’s name in print, it’s about getting the right messages to the right audiences and delivering measureable results.

DA Associates provides public relations services for a broad range of local and regional clients, including non-profits, restaurant and hospitality organizations, festivals and entertainment venues/providers. We understand our clients' businesses inside and out, which has given us a track record of producing consistent, meaningful results through creativity, strategic thinking and a passion for PR. We’re not shy about bringing fresh, creative unsolicited ideas to our clients.

If you have a story, we’ll tell it with passion and credibility.  DA Associates has the depth and experience with the media to gain attention and build awareness for everything from a fundraising event to a concert series, to a restaurant opening.

Call us today at (914)299-0837, to schedule a public relations consultation.

Brooklyn Cyclones Kick-off Press Event at City Hall

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Strategic planning and tactical execution
  • Public relations, including media and community relations - fast development of publicity angles to strengthen coverage in selected media outlets
  • Generation of awareness and thought leadership
  • Writing and media distribution services
  • Promotional events
  • Press conferences